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This is Launch Week for two new releases from me…two very humorous books based on my real life experiences. I wouldn’t have believed what happened unless it happened to me and it did!

The first is my satirical novel, Harvey Drinkwater & The Cult Of Savings.

Source: Harvey Drinkwater and The Cult of Savings – Kindle edition by Charles A Cornell. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

When a loveable idiot rises to the top of a big corporation, what could go wrong? Well, as it turns out…EVERYTHING!

Harvey Drinkwater was miserable at the Zipper Emporium. He and Hilda didn’t see eye to eye. Mr Dortmann thought he was an idiot. But Fate had a surprise for him. Globallica, the biggest corporation in America was building a skyscraper in Ocean City and it needed purchasing agents. His big chance had come. Harvey enters the wacky world of Globallica’s Purchasing Department where logic and common sense take a back seat to a whirlwind of crazy characters, questionable ethics and executive shenanigans. Despite one madcap misadventure after another, nothing can stop Harvey’s career from fast-tracking him to the top despite every gaff and fumble he makes.

Can Harvey survive Globallica’s dysfunction?

Can Globallica survive Harvey?

Get Harvey Drinkwater for only $0.99 for a limited time!

Launching at the same time is A Survivor’s Guide To Working At A Big Corporation …an irreverent look inside corporate culture.

Pre-Order Special! Get Survivor’s Guide for only $2.99, 50% Off!

There are few books out there dealing with the daily working lives of ordinary people like you and me—those of us required to shine the rungs on the ladder of someone else’s success, working with our arms flailing about like supersonic windmills, energized by what management hopes is an infinite supply of good old elbow grease. For those of us working in a dysfunctional BigCorp, this book helps you survive!

Get two chapters for free! Yours to keep!


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Post by Charles A Cornell

As an author, my overactive imagination fills my mind with three dimensional puzzles of stacked what-if questions that cry out for answers. You can find me fueling my creativity amidst the chaos of a very busy life in my writer’s den where I dream up whimsical adventures that range from the satirical to the macabre which I then blog about on

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