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The Florida Writers Association

Royal Palm Literary Awards – Best Novella 2016.

Experience The Prometheus Saga, the multi-award winning anthology about an alien probe observing mankind’s history from prehistoric days to modern times with your FREE copy of Charles A Cornell’s Crystal Night, FWA’s Best Novella of 2016

“Gripping suspense, clever dialogue, and unapologetically wrenching scenes make Cornell’s “Crystal Night” a stellar read.”

  • Antonio Simon Jr., award winning author of Gullwing Odyssey

“Cornell has a great talent for atmosphere; you’ll feel that you’re right there amid the crashing of glass one dark night.”

  • Ken Pelham, award winning author of Brigand’s Key

“Cornell’s story is sophisticated and intelligent.”

  • Carol Kean, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer & Book Critic, Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine

The Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards – Best Novella 2016.

Free for Kindle Oct 29, 30 & 31.

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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY – Explore the writing behind Crystal Night HERE.


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There are more thought-provoking, mysterious stories in The Prometheus Saga collection. Read them all in the anthology edition for ebook or print. A ground-breaking author collaboration that redefines the short fiction experience.


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We are not alone. The Prometheus Probe is a human by design, sent by an advanced alien civilization. Prometheus’s mission is to report on the development of intelligent life on Earth. It looks human. It walks among us, watches us, and learns from us, without exposing its secret. Through the ages, Prometheus’s artificial eyes have observed humanity at its best and its worst. It has seen us rise to challenges and fall into hubris, risk all for the sake of others, and commit unspeakable atrocities. The Probe observes the human condition and reports its findings to its creator. And sometimes, it acts. THE PROMETHEUS SAGA is an anthology, thirteen speculative stories that explore what it means to be human.

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Post by Charles A Cornell

As an author, my overactive imagination fills my mind with three dimensional puzzles of stacked what-if questions that cry out for answers. You can find me fueling my creativity amidst the chaos of a very busy life in my writer’s den where I dream up whimsical adventures that range from the satirical to the macabre which I then blog about on

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